Important Vastu Tips for Kids Room to Score Well in Exams

In the journey of a child's education, creating an optimal environment for study is paramount. Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural science, offers valuable insights into arranging spaces in harmony with natural forces. When it comes to children's rooms, adhering to Vastu principles can significantly enhance their concentration, motivation, and overall well-being, ultimately leading to improved academic performance.

Placement of Study Desk

The placement of the study desk is crucial for fostering a conducive learning atmosphere. Ideally, it should face the east or northeast direction, symbolizing the rising sun and representing knowledge and enlightenment. Additionally, positioning the desk against a solid wall and away from doors and windows can minimize distractions, allowing the child to focus better on their studies.

Bed Placement

The bed's placement plays a vital role in ensuring a restful sleep, which is essential for effective learning. According to Vastu, placing the bed in the southwest corner of the room promotes stability and sound sleep. Avoid positioning the bed under beams or sloping ceilings, as they can create a sense of unease and hinder concentration during study hours.

Color Psychology

Colors have a profound impact on mood and behavior, making them a crucial consideration in Vastu for kids' rooms. Soft, soothing hues like light blue and pastel green promote calmness and concentration, ideal for study areas. On the other hand, vibrant shades like yellow and orange can stimulate creativity and enthusiasm, making them suitable for areas designated for brainstorming or problem-solving.


A clutter-free environment is essential for maintaining positive energy flow and mental clarity. Encourage your child to keep their study area organized by decluttering regularly and storing items neatly. Removing unnecessary objects not only creates a sense of space but also eliminates potential distractions, allowing for better focus and productivity.


Proper lighting is essential for creating an inviting and productive study space. Maximize natural light by placing the study desk near a window, as sunlight is known to enhance mood and productivity. Additionally, supplement natural light with task lighting, such as a desk lamp with adjustable brightness, to ensure adequate illumination during late-night study sessions.

Avoiding Electronics

In today's digital age, it's tempting to incorporate electronic gadgets into children's study areas. However, excessive exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by electronic devices can disrupt sleep patterns and hamper cognitive function. Minimize the use of electronics in the study room and encourage your child to take regular breaks from screens to maintain focus and mental clarity.

Incorporating Positive Symbols

Integrating positive symbols and imagery can uplift the energy of the room and inspire academic success. Consider decorating the space with auspicious symbols such as the Om symbol, Swastika, or images of deities associated with wisdom and learning, like Saraswati. These symbols act as reminders of positivity and can help instill confidence and motivation in your child.


Good ventilation is essential for maintaining a healthy and energized environment conducive to learning. Keep the windows open during the day to allow fresh air to circulate freely, preventing the accumulation of stale air and promoting oxygen flow. Additionally, consider installing a small indoor plant or air purifier to enhance air quality and create a rejuvenating atmosphere.

Creating a Balanced Environment

Harmonizing the five elements – earth, water, fire, air, and space – is fundamental to Vastu Shastra. Incorporate elements such as wood (for furniture), water (in the form of a small fountain or aquarium), and earthy decor accents to create a balanced and harmonious environment. By aligning with these natural forces, you can promote overall well-being and academic success for your child.

Personalizing the Space

Encourage your child to personalize their study area according to their preferences and interests. Whether it's hanging motivational posters, displaying academic achievements, or adding personal touches like photographs and artwork, creating a space that resonates with their personality fosters a sense of ownership and pride, making studying more enjoyable and rewarding.

Maintenance and Regular Cleansing

Regular maintenance and cleansing rituals are essential for preserving the positive energy of the room. Dust and vacuum the space regularly to remove accumulated dirt and debris, which can harbor negative energy. Additionally, consider smudging the room with sage or lighting incense sticks to purify the atmosphere and dispel any lingering negativity.

Importance of Consistency

Consistency is key to reaping the long-term benefits of Vastu Shastra in your child's academic life. Make Vastu adjustments a part of your household routine, reinforcing positive habits and creating a conducive learning environment that promotes success and well-being. By incorporating these principles consistently, you can empower your child to achieve their full academic potential.


Incorporating Vastu principles into your child's study room can have a transformative effect on their academic performance and overall well-being. By optimizing the layout, colors, and energy flow of the space, you create an environment that nurtures focus, motivation, and success. With careful planning and consistent implementation, you can set the stage for your child to excel in their studies and achieve their educational goals.

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